Our Programs

Medtronic Philanthropy devotes the majority of its resources to expand access to quality chronic disease care, helping address unmet health needs in underserved communities worldwide.

By aligning our philanthropy around Medtronic's health-focused mission and vision, we believe we can multiply our social impact around the world, especially in the area of chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Our core strategies include:

  1. phil-focus 1Strengthening Health Systems

    Medtronic Philanthropy and its partners take a holistic view of existing healthcare systems and the barriers that interrupt the continuum of care. As part of our commitment to the World Health Organization's global target of a 25 percent reduction in premature mortality from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) by 2025, Medtronic Philanthropy aims to expand access to care for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This is especially focused upon those who have been traditionally underserved due to economic and social barriers to healthcare access.

  2. phil-focus 2Building Healthy Medtronic Communities

    Since our founding, we have a long-standing commitment to support the communities where our employees live and give. That commitment starts in our hometown of Minneapolis/St. Paul, and extends across the globe to wherever our 48,000 employees call home.

  3. phil-focus 3Activating Employees

    With their time, talent and treasure, we believe Medtronic employees have the ability to improve our world beyond measure. Our Mission in Motion programs support the individual passions and actions of every employee anywhere in the world.

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