Strengthening Health Systems

Medtronic Philanthropy and its partners take a holistic view of existing healthcare systems and the barriers that interrupt the continuum of care. As part of our commitment to the World Health Organization's global target of a 25 percent reduction in premature mortality from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) by 2025, Medtronic Philanthropy aims to expand access to care for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, especially within populations that have been traditionally underserved due to economic and social barriers to healthcare access.

To achieve our goal, we work to strengthen health systems by advancing policies, empowering individuals living with chronic disease and leveraging caregivers and frontline health workers to enable people living with chronic disease to successfully manage their condition in acute events and over the long term.  Currently, our efforts are focused in six countries:  India, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, China and the United States.

  • Putting patients first: Empowering individuals living with chronic disease.
  • Focus on frontline health workers: Our work begins on-the-ground, with the people on the front lines of health systems.  Programs focus on connecting well-trained caregivers and health workers with patients, leading to better access and navigation of that community's health resources.
  • Advancing policy:  We currently are working with local organizations, community leaders, and policy makers to address needs of underserved communities. 

Making Current Products and Therapies More Accessible

Besides supporting innovations designed specifically for social investment, we also dedicate our current health solutions to social good. Collectively, our various businesses donate millions of dollars of lifesaving, life-enhancing products each year.

Medtronic Philanthropy plays an instrumental role in leveraging donations by connecting our businesses with nonprofits looking for products to fulfill unmet needs in communities around the world. We also work closely with Medtronic business units to identify opportunities to invest together in initiatives focused on meeting the needs of the underserved using additional resources.

In 2013, we invested $9 million in product donations and $21.7 million in corporate cash contributions.